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What is Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is about the treatment or therapy that is totally client-centered to recover daily work skill of people with mental or physical conditions. This therapy or treatment is related to the promotion of well-being and health of people by means of occupation. The main purpose of occupational therapy is to support people with different predicaments in terms of physical or mental abilities to contribute in daily tasks or activities of life. So they can enhance their lifestyle.

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  • OT9580 Fieldwork: Knowledge into Action Assignment Help
  • OT9532 Movement in Context Assignment Help
  • OT9612 Ethics and Professional Practice in Context
  • OT9631 Practice in Context I Assignment Help
  • OT9641 Enabling Occupation Through Assistive Technology & Environmental Adaptation
  • OT9671 Professionalism II  Assignment Help
  • ACB9524 Anatomy Assignment Help
  • OT9512 Foundations of Practice  Assignment Help
  • OT9580 Fieldwork Preparation Assignment Help
  • OT9680 Fieldwork: Towards Reflection in Action
  • OT9642 Practice in Context II  Assignment Help
  • OT9663 Enabling Occupation: Leading Change in a Diverse Context
  • OT9542 Evaluating Occupation in Context
  • OT9562 Mental Health in Context  Assignment Help
  • OT9595 Evidence Informed Practice  Assignment Help
  • OT9581 Fieldwork: Reflection on Action
  • OT9531 Conditions and Occupational Performance
  • OT9541 Foundations of Research
  • OT9571 Professionalism  Assignment Help
  • OT9695 Supervised Research in Occupation

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